Renowned for its outstanding career, the Tamara Di Tella Distance-Learning-Course is much sought after by all those who are unable to attend classes in person. A Full Course, fast and effective, includes a complete Set of Instructive Material in digital format, didactic Videos and Manuals for young professionals. The evaluation is simple and our official certificate -Internationally Valid- allows students to work with clients right away.
Ideal for those who already have their Studio and want to upgrade by adding the Tamara Di Tella Trademark, as well as for young professionals who want to have their own Start-Up, our Tamara Di Tella Distance-Learning- Course is guaranteed by our long standing international career and worldwide recognition.
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NICOLE W. - Beirut, Lebanon

I was recommend  to Tamara Di Tella because she is the best option for rehabilitation. I have two the vertebrae close together. I took the courses and I am interested in obtaining a Franchise now. Thanks.
DAMIÁN T. - Buenos Aires

I write to you because I am interested in a Franchise of Tamara Di Tella Tangolates for how famous Tamara Di Tella is, I think is the best place to learn and the best brand to have. Thanks.
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