A unique opportunity

Ideal for inactive people who spend much time seated

TAMARA DI TELLA™ is a leading international chain of innovative health, fitness, nutrition, beauty & well being franchises. In the year 2004, THE TAMARA DI TELLA® Tangolates™ Method was born in a hospital for people with restricted movement. It has been published in World's Health Organization (WHO) official Newsletter, as well as in the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), specialized agencies of the United Nations.

Be fit and keep your weight under control!

TAMARA DI TELLA® franchising options:

1) Tangolates™ (Tango = Pilates™) only.
2) A combination of Tangolates™ with Pilates.
3) With equipment.
4) Without equipment.

Four excellent options – 1 excellent franchise !!

TAMARA DI TELLA® Franchise offers:

· Low investment cost.
· Complete training for professional use.
· Method presented before the World's Health Organization.
· International Certification.
· All necessary material to start working right away.
· More than 65 franchises sold in countries as diverse as Germany, Australia, Brazil, Italy, Chile, The United States, Russia, among others.
· U.S. Trademark and Copyright which protects from competitors.
· Free advertisement.
· Free client derivation to your Studio.
· Free use of the Trademark TAMARA DI TELLA® Tangolates™ (Tango = Pilates™).
· Equipment (for two clients) in a free loan of use (optional).

Fight immobility!

TAMARA DI TELLA® Franchise requires:

· Two warrantors (no need to show properties or income).
· Monthly royalties at affordable prices.
· Travel to Buenos Aires to take the Course and get certified (optional).
· Training at a distance.

Combine options and choose the most convenient for you!

As easy as 1 – 2 - 3

1º) You acquire your Tamara Di Tella™ franchise.
2º) We teach and certificate you. Plus, you'll receive all the Instructive and Marketing Material you need to start working right away! (in digital format).
3º) As a franchise of Tamara Di Tella™, you look for the location or Studio of your preference.

For the License Requirements, Terms and Conditions please write us a mail: [email protected] Please tell us all about your project. We well send you the appropriate FORM as soon as possible.

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