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1) TANGOLATES™ Mat (Floor)
2) TANGOLATES™ with DI TELLA™ equipment
3) TANGOLATES™ Mat and DI TELLA™ equipment
4) TANGOLATES™ Mat and Pilates Reformer equipment
5) TANGOLATES™ EXPRESS (in a chair, specific workshop for seniors, overweight persons or people with restrictive movement, or people who spend much time seated)

NOTE: To register for the Course with the DI TELLA™ equipment you must buy the franchise first. If you are a tango o pilates professional, you should apply for a Tamara Di Tella Franchise. Please fill out the Form YOUR FRANCHISE.

Each Course covers all levels:


The course includes exercises for different muscle groups and variants in each one of these levels.

The Exam:

1) Theory: Based on the material received and the training.
2) Practice: The student learns to preparation client sessions with all levels exercises. (practice with customers are charged separately).

International certification:

Our Certification is valid internationally. It enables you to work right away.

The course includes:

· Tuition
· Right to take the Exam (Full Course)
· Practice with patients in Hospital (applies only to regular courses).
· Study Material (handed in digital format).
· International Certification
· Job Opportunities
· Possibility to have your own Studio within our own Studios.

The course does not include:

The course fee does not include Practice with customers. This valuable training is charged separately.

Method of payment:

We work only with a 50% non-refundable bank Deposit Fee. Once the've made the Deposit Fee, you can begin the course of your choice by presenting yourself at the registration desk, where you will receive the Invoice, Receipt and will fill out the Student Form.

Duration of course:

· Regular 2 Months Course (if combined with pilates reformer)
· 4-day Intensive Course
· Weekend Intensive Course
· 1 Month Distance Learning Course


Due to the high demand for TAMARA DI TELLA™ Tangolates™ Courses™, we have continuous and ongoing teaching. Tell us your availability of time and we see how to fit you in our time schedule. We work on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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