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TAMARA DI TELLA® is a ground breaking trademark and the most important asset of the company. As a Premium Brand, the equity of TAMARA DI TELLA® is its prestige, its achievements, innovation, creativity and prestige.

The TAMARA DI TELLA® Method - TANGOLATES™ - was born in a hospital in 2004, and has been published in the Official Bulletin of the World Health Organization (WHO), and The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), both specialized agencies of the United Nations.

In 2009, the American Chamber of Commerce wrote an article on TAMARA DI TELLA® and her company (Comments, No. 4, Year 8, July 2009) emphasizing the growth of the company in the world and the merit of creating an innovative and scientifically-based method - TANGOLATES™ - which adds cardio to mind-body exercises, promotes well being through tango music, and can be performed by people who have restricted movement, such as passengers during medium and long-haul flights.

TAMARA DI TELLA® Training School was the first to be established in all of Spanish-speaking Latin America, where TAMARA DI TELLA® is synonymous of pilates.

The TAMARA DI TELLA® school of training program is taught in the university environment and it includes hand-on practice with patients in national public hospitals.

Today, TAMARA DI TELLA® TANGOLATES™ has gone mainstream and grows in countries as diverse as the United States, Brazil, Italy, Chile, Australia, Ecuador, Germany, Russia, among others. It is used for both rehabilitation as well as for people of all ages and physical condition who wish to add an aerobic element classic pilates. It is also ideal for people who are sedentary since it includes exercises which can be performed comfortably while sitting.

In Europe, TAMARA DI TELLA® is associated to the Spanish Federation of Pilates, the higher Sports Council, with the rank of Ministry and the Official Representative at the Olympics.
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